Author Topic: Looking forward to joining the ranks!  (Read 2918 times)


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Looking forward to joining the ranks!
« on: March 16, 2014, 11:38:13 PM »
Hey, so my toon's name is Rohkeus (Finnish for "Courage"), currently lvl 38, but I'm working on capping her.  Prot warrior is rad.  I'm used to fury, but I'll digress.  I've been playing WoW since November 2010, mostly on Dark Iron in Knights of Arcadia.  I started a couple toons on Emerald Dream because my close friend, Baast plays on it quite a bit.  I've been starting to get more into pvp, but need more practice.  Baast referred me to this forum to apply, so here I am!  :)

I think I have another toon in your guild already, Schreiwolf.  However, I'll be replacing him with this one.  One reason I would like to switch to your guild from the one I'm in now is the fact that my current one is boring.  It's not social at all, there's never anyone on to talk to, let alone play with.  The only positive thing about it is it's lvl 25, lol.

So anyways, my battle tag is GranEnigma#1755.

Oh, and I guess the rules here are similar to the ones for KoA, number 1 being "don't be a dick", which I'm good about abiding by.  I'm respectful to the guild, laid back, social, and like to just have fun and try not to die too often.

Thanks!  :D

PS. If people ever need bait for pulling campers/gankers, I'm good at it (not by choice, but yeah).  :P

PSS. A joke for you:   A C, an Eb, and a G walk into a bar.  The bartender says to the Eb, "Sorry, we don't serve minors."  The Eb leaves and the C and G split a 5th between them.     XD
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