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Pallaton (Prot/Ret) Paladin
« on: September 22, 2014, 10:19:33 PM »
Greetings Ashes of the Phoenix!

Hello, my name is Pallaton.  I have been a member of the ED community since 2006 and have been playing in the realm almost exclusively.  I was formally raiding with the guild <Hallowed> till its sad end in WotLK in which I was Shaman class leader during the guild's prime playing Burning Crusade.  I haven't raided full time since and been playing on and off during the most of Cataclysm and Pandaria.  I've become very excited about the next expansion (even playing it's beta) and been looking for a new home/guild to enjoy the new expansion with.  I chose to write this application as AotP was one of the few old guilds I remember/respected. I had met some of my first friends playing this game from this guild (though I don't know if they still play) and hope to make new friends.  Pallaton is my main character (Paladin) but I have a level 90 character for ALL classes in which I can play with (and master with time).   I don't come to steal a raiding spot from anyone here but just to do some dungeons/pvp with though I'm fully confident in my ability to help with raiding progression for the guild if needed.

I am available after 6pm Server time on weekdays/nights and can stay up till 2 am.

My armory profile is

If you need anymore info on me, please pm  :-*