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Guild Rules
« on: November 05, 2012, 07:46:47 AM »
Guild Rules:
1) Don't be a dick.
2) If you have a problem with someone be a man. Talk it out.
3) No drama. We have a zero tolerance policy for drama. Don't be a llama.
4) Bitch, be cool.

Raid Specific Rules:
If you don't want to raid you can disregard these, except for b.
a) Current raiders aren't going to be replaced on a regular basis for no real reason.
b) Being available as a back up is helpful.
c) Ensure that you are online and available, or that one of the raid leaders has a number you can be reached at via text message.
d) Be ready to raid: Gear, spec, reforge, flasks. The whole shebang.

Loot Rules:
Both groups run on what is lovingly referred to as the Bitch, Be Cool loot system. No masterloot is used. Need for mainspec, green for offspec, don't hit disenchant. Always be cool, bitch. BBC Loot is somewhat difficult to describe so I will give some examples.

Example A: Steve and Suzy both roll on an item. After winning the item Suzy notices it's a way bigger upgrade for Steve than it is for her. Suzy gives the item to Steve. Steve is grateful and thinks Suzy is the bees knees. He tells her so.

Example B: A Vanquisher tier token drops. There are 2 druids, a rogue, a mage and a paladin on this token in your group. Everyone politely asks around to see who still needs their 2 or 4 set piece bonus or who hasn't gotten a token recently. Those who "need" the token less pass, those who "need" it more roll against eachother. No one menstruates all over vent/gchat because they lost their roll. Congratulations are meted out, everyone remains happy.

Here are some examples of how not to do BBC loot rules:

Example A: Larry has joined the group as a back up after your hunter couldn't make the raid. Larry, who has a good understanding of BBC rules, rolls on a ring, some bracers and a pair of boots. He wins the ring and the bracers. Tina is upset. She really wanted that ring. Instead of asking Larry if he minds passing, since it's her BiS item, she throws a tantrum causing the raid to grind to a halt. This is the exact opposite of being cool, bitch.

Larry, upon learning the reason behind vent suddenly going silent, gives the ring he won to Tina because she raids more than he does. This is the epitome of these loot rules.

Example B: Frank is new to the guild and is accompanying one of the raid groups for the first time tonight. The leg token for his class drops, it's also Kenny's class token. Kenny and Frank both roll; Kenny wins. Frank goes through the rest of the raid sullen and silent. Once the raid finishes he quits the guild.

Don't be a Frank. Don't be a Tina. Be like Larry and Suzy.

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